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Acupressure is an ancient healing technique in which you apply pressure with your fingertips on the healing points, thereby stimulating the body's natural self-healing abilities.

Acupressure therapy is mostly effective in relieving stress-related ailments as well as pain-related issues.

It helps in improving the immunity system and is also said to develop spirituality, if practiced properly.

This form of healing with fingertips is not a new one and been used by the Chinese since centuries. They call it Qi or Chi.

1. Understanding acupressure is quite easy.
2. This massage therapy technique relies on the belief that an energy called qi is present in the human body.
3. In some cases, qi is also referred to as the yin and yang.
4. According to this belief, there are 14 channels in the body that harbour energy.
5. Each of these 14 primary channels is vital for keeping the qi in balance.
6. During the course of one's life, this energy can disrupt or unbalanced due to externalities beyond our control.
7. The pain and other medical conditions experienced by the body are a result of this energy imbalance.
8. The symptoms of qi imbalance may not necessarily notice in the parts that the qi resides in.
9. From a medical perspective, the 14 energy points in the body can consider as muscle trigger points.
10. It is believed that pain and discomfort are caused by muscle damage or tightening.
11. When pressure is applied to the muscle trigger, the pain can relieve.
12. In many cases, acupressure has proven effective against chronic pains and ailments as well.
13. However, if you intend on using this massage therapy technique for yourself.
14. It is best that you get a doctor's recommendation first.
15. Even though there are no proven and documented side effects to date, acupressure, like few other massage technique.
16. This is not for everyone.
17. A doctor should be able to tell you however whether or not this massage will work for you.

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