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Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a gentle relaxing therapy using natural crystals which are formed in the Earth's crust. Crystals are made up of minerals which the body needs to stay healthy. These minerals are artificially made by the drug companies to manufacture prescribed medication, which often leads to unpleasant side effects. By using Crystals instead, we aim to get some of the minerals naturally. Crystals also vibrate at different frequencies which can assist our own energy vibrations. Therefore, by using certain Crystals we can calm down or energise the body as needed. Crystals work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Some people experience immediate changes following a treatment, others find it works on a subtler level. Crystals can also be used to make Elixirs and gem essences to drink or to use on the skin.

The Crystal Therapy Session
Before the first treatment, the therapist will take a full history of the client to ensure the best form of therapy. The treatments can be done sitting in a chair, or lying on a couch. The client remains fully clothed during the treatment. The therapist will then slowly scan the client with their hands or using a dowsing crystal to check for areas where there may be blockages or imbalances. Then appropriate crystals will be chosen by the therapist and placed on or around the client's body. The therapist may use crystals to remove blockages, heals tears in the aura (the energy field around the body) or to send healing into the client's aura or body. The therapist may also use sound vibration, Reiki or Crystal massage to assist with the healing session.

The client may be aware of sensations such as tingling, hot or cold, they may also experience twitches or rumbling stomachs or a symptom may initially feel intense. They may feel emotional or giggle! These are signs of healing energy moving through the body to cleanse and remove blockages or imbalances. Some people do not feel anything other than deep relaxation. The Crystals will then be removed and the therapist may scan or dowse again to check. The therapist will then leave the client to rest for a few minutes, then assist them to sit up and have a drink of water. The therapist will then give advice on crystals to use for self-treatments at home and methods to use them.

Following the treatment, it is advisable to take it easy for a few days and note any changes and sensations. Some people may experience symptoms following their treatments such as heightened emotions or headaches: this may be an indication that the body is flushing out toxins, so the client should drink plenty of water and nurture themselves.

Treatments usually last an hour, including a consultation. There are no specific requirements for how many treatments or how often. This is entirely up to the client.

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