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Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is an evolved system of energy healing, brought to light by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. It utilises 'Prana' or life-force energy to harmonise our bodily processes and help us maintain a state of good health. This requires no physical contact, and distance healing is possible as well.

Pranic Healing can be employed to heal any emotional or physical wounds, to alleviate pain, or to better mental health conditions of clients.

"In Ancient times, Pranic Healing could only be practiced by an elite few. My job was to develop a very effective healing system, which ordinary people could learn in just a short period. Anybody can practice pranic healing now. The knowledge of being able to deal with simple ailments is quite empowering."-Master Choa Kok Sui

How does Pranic Healing work?
Pranic healing has two simple principles. One is that the physical body can heal itself, and the other is that adding a catalyst can accelerate the healing process. That catalyst is prana. A pranic healer uses his hands to cleanse and energize a person's energy field and chakras with fresh prana, thereby triggering the healing process of the body.

Can anybody heal?
All of us have the innate ability to heal and relieve pain. Without being aware of it, we often use this healing process or receive its benefits. Nearly everyone can recall times when mom kissed a hand that was hurt and made it feel better. Or someone put an arm around us to comfort us when we felt sad. These types of experiences are an example of pranic transference - the channeling of prana or life force from one to another. The gift of energy causes the recipient to fell better. The Pranic Healing approach is simple and practical. It is presented in a "cookbook" manner. Anybody can learn and apply the method immediately. People who have been trained include engineers, housewives, physicists, massage therapists, businessmen, physicians, educators, just to name a few.

Can Pranic Healing be practiced at a distance?
Pranic Healing teaches how to heal others from a distance. Long distance healing is based on the fact that we are all connected to each other through the earth's energy field. In addition, wherever our thoughts are directed with intention, energy follows. By practicing the pranic healing techniques combined with our focus upon a loved one, we can effect a healing from afar.

Can Pranic Healing be used for emotional problems?
Pranic Healing applied to emotional problems is called Pranic Psychotherapy. Again it is the utilization of prana to cleanse and energize the emotional field from such problems as anxiety and phobia, grief and depression, addictions, anger and rage, stress and other psychological problems. The result is a restoration of emotional balance and sense of well-being.

Can Pranic Healing be used for children?
Children benefit even greater from this healing intervention than do adults. Their energy bodies are cleaner, more active and less contaminated than adults. As a result they heal much faster. In addition Pranic Healing is excellent for pets. Animals do not have the emotional and mental negativities that would inhibit the absorption of prana. Thus they are extremely responsive to healing.

What can Pranic Healing be used for?
Pranic Healing has been successful in treating a wide variety of ailments ranging from migraines to chronic injuries (joint problems, tendonitis, sports injuries, etc.), arthritis, heart ailments, diabetes, hypertension, addictions, cancer, depression, stress, and many, many more.

We accept enquiries from all parts of India i.e. Kolkata, Varanasi, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Guwahati, Siliguri, Allahabad, Raipur, Jabalpur, Bhilai, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Durgapur, Asansol and Visakhapatnam
Pranic Healing is a Simple yet extremely powerful recipe driven, no touch system of energy healing. The foundational techniques can be learned by anyone able to follow simple instructions, in just one weekend course.

The Founder of Modern Pranic Healing is Energy Master Choa Kok Sui who is also known for his exceptional ability to distill complex topics down to their essence. Thus, making them easy to understand and practical to apply.

Pranic Healing is complimentary in nature. It is not meant to replace Allopathic Medicine, or any other healing method. It is easily adapted into a practice, or may be used alone. Pranic Healing uses the forces present in nature, along with the body's innate abilities to heal itself to produce incredible results.
Pranic Healing can be used for any of this issues in life:

• Blood Pressure
• Migraine
• Diabetes
• Arthritis
• Gastric
• Eye Problem
• Heart Problem
• Sinusitis
• Tuberculosis
• ...and many more

Emotions & Relationship
• Fear/Phobia
• Low Self Esteem
• Anger/Irritability
• Violence
• Stress/Depression
• Addictions
• Issue with Spouse
• Parents/Siblings
• Office Colleagues
• ...and many more

• No Peace
• Cluttered Mind
• Who am I ?
• Search for a Mentor/Guru
• Loneliness
• How to Serve
• How to meditate
• Know more about God
• Changing the destiny
• ...and others

• Bad debts
• Loss in Business
• High expenses
• Low Profitability
• Not in the right job
• Lack of focus
• Not able to achieve goals
• No success
• Jobless
• Learn about Science of Energy, Aura, Chakras
• Learn how it affects health, relationship, prosperity
• Learn powerful healing techniques, Twin heart meditation for spiritual growth

• Learn about the significance of Colour Prana
• Learn advanced healing of complex diseases through Colour Prana
• Learn powerful Divine Healing/ Master Healing techniques

• Learn about various types of thought forms and its impact
• Learn about psychological functions of each chakras
• Learn techniques for healing stress, anxiety, other psychological ailments

• Learn about the Divine Soul and its manifestations
• Learn the powerful soul meditation for Achieving Oneness
• Learn to live a spiritually aligned life and practically apply Law of karma

• Learn to Manifest One's Greatness by increasing the size of ones chakras
• Learn techniques for awakening of kundalini, Increasing awareness, soul energy
• Learn the hidden techniques for inner purification and character building

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